EnvAid helps to solve today’s environmental issues. Specifically, EnvAid helps organizations to overcome the limiting beliefs of the culture that we grew up in.

Jos Tissen


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These are some of the challenges with which I can help:
  • External stakeholders expect zero environmental impact with little regard for what is possible.
  • Overly complex internal procedures.
  • Environmental management is driven by compliance and external expectations, hindering a proactive approach.
  • Cynicism around environmental issues results in lip service and promises that cannot be fulfilled.
  • Environmental discussions are polarized and real debate is stifled.
  • You are losing money as a result of the above.

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When you contact me about a challenge, I will ask for your time to understand its specifics. I will help you articulate the problem. But mostly, I will listen. Subsequently, I will help you to calculate the cost of your problem should it be left unsolved. Once the problem is clearly defined, I can help you identify and evaluate your options and calculate the value of the solution that you prefer. This will leave you in the position to decide whether any external support is required.

Contact me to help you define your specific challenge.

Many people miss the fact that their cultural upbringing is the basis of their environmental thinking. Inherited beliefs are taken as fact. As a result, communication about environmental issues is often polarized and environmental management solutions are unnecessarily expensive and ineffective. I approach the management of environmental issues from a cultural perspective. I reframe the issues so that both facts and feelings can be addressed effectively. Through structured workshops and comprehensive studies I help to mobilize the human and engineering creativity necessary for real reductions in environmental impact. My approach also leads to better understanding from, and improved relationships with stakeholders.

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The benefits that you can expect include:
  • Reduction of Costs; by identifying cost-effective solutions and by reducing the need for procedures and administrative support.
  • Increased effectiveness; by giving proper attention to the subjective aspects of stakeholder expectations, environmental management becomes more aligned, more focused and more intuitive.
  • Greater synergy with stakeholders; by being responsive to external concerns and being able to deliver on promises made.
  • Improved Corporate Governance; by aligning environmental management with the other business needs, by effective workforce involvement and by reduced need for procedures.

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My work crosses the boundaries of the collective consciousness of Western culture. I write a blog about various environmental issues. Story telling is an excellent way to communicate what I see or to share my experience.

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