With the back to the wall

This article is primarily written for those companies that have realized that their future is uncertain under current environmental legislation and under rising opposition from the general public. Think of oil and gas companies, power plants, farming and construction companies. It is written for companies that feel backed against the wall by stakeholder expectations, and who seek a way out.

Such companies are experiencing ever stricter legislation, increasing overheads and diminishing returns, are being court marshaled and even face bankruptcy. They feel blamed and turned into scapegoats for running their business to the best of their abilities. Instead of understanding, they face lack of trust from regulators who respond to popular demand and idealistic stakeholder expectations. Without an alternative way forward, these companies may decide to discontinue their business or move away, leaving society poorer for it.

This article offers a way out for these companies. It suggests that the problem is caused by several simplifications, provides insight into the underlying complexities, offers a tool to redefine company environmental issues, and discusses alternative and more effective response strategies.

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