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UKCS oil spill risk analysis 1975-2017, informationJos Tissen

UKCS PON1 spill data analysis

This report provides perhaps the most comprehensive analysis of the UKCS PON1 records to date. The analysis was undertaken to inform the assessment of spill risk on the UKCS. The study may also serve to inform the spill risk assessment of the offshore oil and gas industry in general.
Publication Image Minister Cullen WarwickICOE

Stakeholder Interaction in Environmental Management

The International Centre for Oil and the Environment (ICOE) has recently launched its publication titled: Encompassing the Future; a three volume, ten section and 59 chapter publication in print and digital format which draws on 40 years of inter-disciplinary knowledge and experience in environmental, health and safety and performance management.
Organizations depicted in intersecting cogsJos Tissen

A new future for managing environmental issues

The method described in this publication is a novel and more effective approach for the management of environmental issues; one that recognizes and pro-actively manages external expectations as well as addressing the environmental impact. The approach was refined in cooperation with Ian Buchan from ENGIE E&P UK Limited.