This website is about effective environmental communication; about improving your environmental reputation. The site is about preventing detrimental and costly miscommunication and about connecting parties that fail to connect because their interests and views seem to exclude each other. EnvAid (short for Environmental Aid) aims to contribute to a more sustainable society by offering a slightly different perspective on today’s environmental challenges; a perspective that could mean a real step forward.

Jos Tissen

Cultural awareness

For better or worse, the perspective we hold of the world; our thoughts, our attitudes and our values are shaped by our upbringing and especially by the culture that we grew up in. The history books are full of examples of how societal attitudes bias people’s perceptions to the point that they feel universal and true. For example, it is now inconceivable how some of our ancestors could be involved in slavery as if it was completely normal. Societal prejudices create blind spots that can only be transcended from an out-of-the-box perspective. Time has proven that we can replace old habits with new ones. That is what EnvAid aims to achieve regarding environmental protection; approaching environmental challenges from a perspective where responsibility and creativity can prosper.

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What others say about me

In his role as legal/permit advisor, Jos supported well and well intervention operations of the NAM for Shell UK. Through his ability to interpret the legal requirements and educate management and crews how to comply with these, he added real value to the organization. His handover training was excellent. Jos is a good problem solver and a thinker.

Gert Bakker
Gert BakkerEmission Coordinator at Shell

I worked closely with Jos on the development and implementation of an environmental management system. I found Jos a pleasure to work with. His fresh approach and new ideas were a real leap forward. He is a progressive thinker and able to effectively translate his many years of experience into practical improvements that ultimately reduce the risk to a business of failing to manage its environmental aspects appropriately.

Ian Buchan
Ian BuchanEnvironmental Manager at GDF Suez E&P UK