EnvAid data visualizations

UKCS oil spill risk analysis 1975-2017, informationJos Tissen

UKCS PON1 spill data analysis

This report provides perhaps the most comprehensive analysis of the UKCS PON1 records to date. The analysis was undertaken to inform the assessment of spill risk on the UKCS. The study may also serve to inform the spill risk assessment of the offshore oil and gas industry in general.
Global cumulative CO2 emissions/emissies 1850-2010, informationJos Tissen

Cumulative CO2 emissions

This graph shows the Global CO2 emissions for the period 1850 to 2010. The country with the largest historic CO2 emissions is the USA. More than half of the CO2 emissions were recorded after 1980.
Energy use vs Income 1960-2010, informationJos Tissen

Global CO2 intensity

The graph tells the story of global CO2 emissions during the period 1960-2010. Countries generally increase their CO2 emissions in a linear fashion with their use of energy. Per capita energy consumption differs greatly between individual OECD countries.
EU Carbon Intensity 1960-2010, informationJos Tissen

EU Carbon Intensity

This graph shows CO2 emissions and carbon intensity for the countries of the European Union for the period 1960 to 2010. The carbon intensity of the energy use in Europe has reduced by 50% but this has been offset by a doubling of the energy use per individual.
Energy use vs life expectance 1960-2010, informationJos Tissen

Global energy consumption

The graph tells the story of global energy use of the period 1960-2010. Lifting communities out of poverty does require the use of energy but not necessarily to raise life expectancy to 70+ years.