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There is no environmental management practice that doesn’t benefit from good communication.

Stakeholder management
Environmental Policy Statement
Environmental Impact Assessment
Environmental consultant

The underlying approach was developed for the oil and gas industry, but can be applied to any environmental management setting. It can be applied to manage company environmental issues, but also to develop and enforce regulations or to design more effective environmental campaigns. It was designed to manage conflicting environmental expectations; both for communication conflicts between companies and external stakeholders as well as for company internal disagreement about environmental objectives. The approach was designed to integrate environmental management and external communication, but can also be applied to a single communication or to a single project.

It can be applied to develop an environmental policy, to undertake an environmental impact assessment, to organize an Envid, to develop an environmental management system, to write an environmental management plan or to report environmental performance to external parties. The approach can be applied as a preventative measure, but can also make help to dissolve entrenched conflicts. The approach was designed to overcome conflicts; not to win an argument.