Ciucaș Peak, Romania. Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash. Refinery. Photo by leeroy on Pexels.Ciucaș Peak, Romania. Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash. Refinery. Photo by leeroy on Pexels.Ciucaș Peak, Romania. Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash. Refinery. Photo by leeroy on Pexels.



Milieu Advies

van conflict naar conversatie.

Milieucommunicatie Specialist

werkend voor bedrijven en heel soms voor overheden.

Met een nieuwe, in de praktijk ontwikkelde aanpak

die zijn basis vindt in de nieuwste psychologische

inzichten in menselijk gedrag.


Bedrijven leven de wet na om geaccepteerd te worden, maar verliezen toch de steun van het brede publiek. Ze hebben daarop geen antwoord.


Wetgevers hebben de macht om nieuwe voorschriften op te leggen en af te dwingen, maar slagen er vaak niet in om diplomatieke winst en effectiviteit in evenwicht te houden.


Het zou mooi zijn om belangengroepen te helpen om effectieve campagnes te ontwikkelen en hen weg te houden van verwijtend politiek gedrag.

Wat anderen over mij zeggen

In his role as legal/permit advisor, Jos supported well and well intervention operations of the NAM for Shell UK. Through his ability to interpret the legal requirements and educate management and crews how to comply with these, he added real value to the organization. His handover training was excellent. Jos is a good problem solver and a thinker.

Gert BakkerEmission Coordinator at Shell

I worked closely with Jos on the development and implementation of an environmental management system. I found Jos a pleasure to work with. His fresh approach and new ideas were a real leap forward. He is a progressive thinker and able to effectively translate his many years of experience into practical improvements that ultimately reduce the risk to a business of failing to manage its environmental aspects appropriately.

Ian BuchanEnvironmental Manager at GDF Suez E&P UK

When Centrica Energy North Sea was looking for a replacement of their Sr. Environmental Specialist on short notice, I received the CV of Jos Tissen. At first glance there were doubts whether he fitted our organization (knowledge of multiple regulations), within a week these doubts were taken away. Jos Tissen took on board our way of working and in no time he improved our procedures. A pleasant personality and added value to the organization, especially by his out of the box approach, always open for innovations.

Jürgen JoostenNorth Sea HSE Manager Centrica Energy E&P

I urge you to allow Jos to take you on a journey into environmental risk management and communication, from the most technical aspects to the most global, and you will probably feel some fatigue but you will never regret it. Genius cannot be managed but must be nurtured and supported. Jos is one of the few environmental scientists I have met in my life and one that you need by your side in today’s business environment. An early morning coffee and discussion on life and the universe and stuff is also great and comes with the Jos-package.

Mike de KlerkSafety Management Expert